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Volunteering at hope church for the first wednesday meal of the community table.

our mission

utilizing food to build

 relationships + community

the team behind-the-scenes

Katherine Thovson owner and operator of grace filled table.

Katherine Thovson
Owner + Executive Director

Katherine is the face and driving force behind all things food here at grace filled table. You'll find her planning, coordinating + making sure you've got delicious food to eat! 

She’s passionate about bringing people around the table, growing strong teams and inspiring people on their journey to grow into their gifts.

Katherine and her husband, James, live in the South Metro with their super-active four kids.

Lesley Konyu, Food + Service Lead

Lesley Konyu,
food + service lead

Lesley keeps us all dreaming big and challenged to believe God for more. She knows how to get things done and isn’t afraid to tackle anything while her servant heart keeps her grounded and pitching in anywhere our team needs her. She’s full of energy, life and passion and desires for everybody to live abundantly!

Lesley and her husband, Mike, live south of the Twin Cities with four of their children while their oldest continues to serve our country overseas with the US Air Force.

Tausha Patterson plans and bakes all of the wonderful cakes you’ll find around our tables. Her attention to detail

Tausha Watterson
Head Baker

Tausha plans and bakes all of the wonderful cakes you’ll find around our tables. Her attention to detail is her heart and soul in the kitchen, making sure she bakes a perfect dessert.

She’s kind, caring and has a compassionate heart for others. If she could, she’d leave everybody she meets with a beautiful cake.

Tausha and her husband, Andrew, live in the South Metro with their two adorable and busy kiddos.

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Stephanie Denbow
Board Director

Stephanie is the best project manager you’ve ever found. She’s smart, funny, musically gifted and loves to wrap all of her strong gifts into serving well. By day, she manages large construction projects, reviving countless buildings in the Metro area for community use.

Steph is passionate about fundraising and building strong events to raise community awareness. You’ll find her behind-the-scenes setting our organization up for success, both in connection and financially.

Steph and her husband, Gary, live in the South Metro.

Sara Kuchera, Board Secretary

Sara Kuchera
Board Secretary

Sara is passionate about teaching, helping others and building strong relationships. Her attention to detail combined with a heart of service is a valuable combination to our team.

After decades in the medical field, Sara now focuses on teaching and building a new generation of strong leaders, guiding them towards a life and career that align with their gifting.

Sara and her husband, Al, live in the South Metro. They are the parents of three adult boys who are making their mark on the world.

Kristie Kerr
Board Chair

Kristie is passionate about community and through her energy, passion and drive, can be found championing many causes to further serve our community. She believes we are stronger together and her life is a picture-perfect reflection of that. She is the co-pastor of Homestead Community Church alongside her husband Jeff where they spearhead countless projects to serve our community.

Kristie and her husband, Jeff, live in the South Metro with three of their four teenage children. Their oldest, and her husband, live in Colorado.

Ryan Jackson
Board Treasurer

Ryan is driven by generosity, both in practical ways and in service. He has an encouraging, patient and calm demeanor that allows others to constantly learn from his example. He believes in building strong families and relationships to help everybody thrive.

His full-time work is a perfect match for his meticulous skill set and oversight. He has participated in many initiatives to serve our community by matching needs with generosity.

He and his wife, Amy, live in the South Metro with their four children.

more about our mission

At Grace Filled Table, our mission is centered around “Utilizing food to build relationships + community.” Located in Farmington, MN, we are dedicated to creating meaningful connections through the power of culinary arts. Alongside our tailored catering services, engaging classes, and community-focused weekly meals, we strengthen these connections through partnerships with like-minded companies, such as Idioma Coffee. Together, we celebrate community and foster lasting bonds over exceptional meals and quality coffee, enhancing every gathering with a touch of warmth and collaboration.