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Cooking classes & more

Embark on a culinary journey with our diverse array of cooking classes, each offering unique skills and experiences. Join us for:

  • Charcuterie Class: Learn the art of crafting exquisite charcuterie boards, mastering the arrangement of cheeses, meats, fruits, and accompaniments to create visually stunning and delicious spreads.

  • Coffee tasting Workshop: Delve into the world of coffee with expert guidance on brewing techniques, bean selection, and flavor profiles. Elevate your coffee game and savor the richness of freshly brewed goodness with our partner, Idioma Coffee.

  • Catering Essentials: Discover the essentials of catering as we delve into menu planning, presentation techniques, and the art of hospitality. Perfect for aspiring caterers or anyone looking to host memorable events with style and flair.

  • And More!: Our classes cover a range of topics, from pastry making to international cuisines, providing something for every culinary enthusiast.

Indulge in hands-on learning, tastings, and expert guidance as you explore the world of cooking with us!

upcoming cooking classes & more

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Welcome to Grace-Filled Table Cooking Classes

At Grace Filled Table, we believe that cooking is an art form that brings joy, connection, and inspiration to the table. Our cooking classes, available in Dakota County, MN, and across the Twin Cities, offer a delightful opportunity to explore the culinary world in a welcoming and flexible environment.

Flexible Class Locations to Suit Your Needs

At Grace Filled Table, we understand that every culinary journey is unique. That’s why we offer the flexibility to host our cooking classes at various locations, including Idioma Coffee Roastery cozy venue in downtown Lakeville, as well as private homes, workplaces, or community spots anywhere in the Twin Cities. Wherever you choose to host your class, we’ll bring the ingredients, equipment, and expertise straight to you.

Discover Dakota County, MN: A Culinary Paradise

Dakota County, MN, is a culinary paradise brimming with local flavors, fresh produce, and a rich food culture. From the charming streets of Lakeville to the scenic landscapes of Farmington, this region offers a diverse array of culinary experiences waiting to be savored.

The Grace-Filled Table Experience

Step into our kitchen and embark on a culinary adventure like no other. Our cooking classes are designed to inspire creativity, build confidence, and foster connections through food. Whether you’re exploring new cuisines, honing your culinary skills, or simply sharing a meal with friends and family, our classes offer an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Class Schedule and Themes

Browse our diverse selection of classes and discover the perfect tasty experience for you. From hands-on cooking workshops to interactive demonstrations, our classes cover a wide range of themes and cuisines to suit every taste and skill level. Join us as we explore the flavors of the world and celebrate the joy of cooking together.

Why Attend Grace-Filled Table Cooking Classes?

Joining our cooking classes is more than just learning recipes; it’s about creating memories, building relationships, and discovering the magic of food. Whether you’re a novice cook or a seasoned foodie, our classes offer something for everyone. Experience the joy of cooking, connect with like-minded individuals, and savor the delicious moments shared around the table.

How to Register

Ready to elevate your cooking skills and embark on a delicious journey? You can register for one of our many cooking classes or connect with us to host your own class for friends, families, or whomever it may be!

Join Our Community

Join our culinary community and share your love for food, cooking tips, and delicious recipes with us. Connect with us on social media, tag us in your culinary creations, and join the conversation using #GraceFilledTable. Together, let’s celebrate the joy of cooking and the beauty of shared meals.